IIYM is a team of talented people whose sole goal is to help others transform their life and achieve their personal best.

Our Team members are experts in their respective fields, with extensive experience in delivering such courses. They are committed to providing the best learning experience to our participants and helping them achieve their full potential.

Acharya Chetan
Senior Faculty
Rajiv Kumar Nair
Senior Faculty
Col. Anutosh Sharma
Senior Faculty
Amresh Jha
Senior Faculty
Varun Chabra
Senior Faculty
Senior Faculty

Our Directors

Prof. Prabhakar Darshan
Director Central Zone & Senior Faculty
Amol Adlakha
Director West Zone & Senior Faculty
Dr. Naresh Jyoti Delmotra
Director North Zone & Senior Faculty
Ajay Kumar Singh
Director East Zone & Senior Faculty
Atul Sharma
Director South Zone
Director Social Media

Our Advisors

Being pioneer in the industry and having deep association with IIYM, our advisors insights are core to aligning and shaping our courses, making them more Industry oriented and result driven