Suicidal Tendencies

Why throw the whole book into the fire     when we can tear out a single page.

Emptiness, loneliness, and the lack of counseling often drive the Youth towards madness, isolation, and depression. All this neglect and loneliness spawns undermotivated and self-loathing individuals that slowly push them towards self-destruction. The thought loops of being left alone isolates one from society, and the subjects start to hate themselves. They start questioning their life's purpose, and after getting tired of life's challenges, they begin contemplating suicide. Prolonged isolation and extreme sadness could then lead to serious self-harm, of which death seems to be the final escape.

Our Youth are vital to our society, and we will make them realise their worth when nobody did or failed to do so.

YE will let the light shine on these broken souls so that they may leave the darkness behind and live a happy life again. We intend to help the Youth curb their trauma and neglect and find peace in the oddest of places- within themselves. Seeking the light within while meditating will significantly alleviate their mental stress by helping them unlock the power of their deeper self. Through this activity, they can relieve themselves of suicidal thoughts and be content in life. If you too suffer from suicidal thoughts and paranoia, you can be lively again and put an end to your existential crisis. As you begin meditating, all that emptiness will subside, giving way to pure joy, and finally, the sun will shine upon you brighter than ever. You will be able to start walking on the path of health and healing by the determined efforts of YE.