It's not stress that kills us,
    it is our reaction to it.
―Hans Selye

Children Stress

Children are getting more stressed due to academic pressure, such as getting good grades in the exams, passing tests, performing best in the class, etc. Just like adults, children are also prone to excessive stress, which can lead to mood swings, sleep deprivation, behavioural changes, trouble concentrating, nightmares, etc.

It is crucial to talk to children about their social lives and avoid the stigma related to it. If they are left isolated, their stress can have a terrible impact on their health and future performance, which also happens to be dictated by their parents- another stress-causing instance.

Children are soft-hearted with a developing brain, and these problems early in their lives can take hold of them for the rest.

The YE program will help them with mind-expanding activities coupled with a guided meditation to extract and destroy any trauma or problems they are facing. Children often don't reveal their difficulties to anybody, and that's where the damage is done. With the help of inner concentration, they can realise new goals and opportunities and train themselves for future endeavours and evident success. It will directly help in improving their academic performance but also help them choose the best career they love.

Youth Stress

Unrest among the Youth is a common problem since modernization knocked on outdoors. Living life to please their parents, themselves, society, and their partners are making the Youth highly susceptible to anxiety and depression. Whether it is building a sound future that an individual's uncle's son has, getting good grades in school, social and sexual relationships, employment, all are affecting the Youth's lives and messing with their minds. Social media, smartphones, and gadgets are depriving individuals of their sleep and making them aggressive and less

appreciative of others and their lives. Their lives are on a continuous downward spiral from which it is difficult to recover from except if they do mindfulness training and practise meditation. By looking inwards while meditating, they can alleviate any mental stress and fatigue by unlocking the power of their inner selves. If you fathom the inner states of your mind, you will be able to free your mind of sorrows, guilts, and other bothersome problems and lead a happy life.

Corporate Stress

Tight schedules, strict deadlines, and performance pressure are incredibly damaging to corporate professionals. Continuous projects, deliverables, and targets are some common causes of workplace stress. Such work can impose a very burdensome work-life, which most of the people can't endure. Excessive stress can hamper one's performance that triggers the inevitable expelling of the individual, thus impacting their emotional and mental well being.

If you're stressed due to work overload, you can train your mind to remain calm and peaceful amid all the chaos of balancing the work-life. We at - will help you attain a still and focussed mind in which only creativity and peace will thrive. You will become more pragmatic and wouldn't lose heart in adverse situations and find increased productivity through our guided meditation techniques. With just a few sessions, you will be able to build a stressless headspace with room only for productivity and peace.