Substance abuse

Substance addiction is more like being addicted   to self-destruction.

In the pursuit of artificial and momentary happiness, the Youth are turning to harmful substances such as marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, and other drugs. As fun and liveliness in the Youth deplete, they resort to finding both in illicit drugs. The greed for a brief drug-induced high has made them addicted to this obsession and cause pain to their families and friends. The fear of failure and rejection crawls deep inside the individuals, and they start walking this path wherein returning from is impossible.

Millions die an unfortunate death due to drug OD every year, and rehabilitation centres aren't doing much except injecting them with other pharmaceuticals. We want these individuals to refrain from drugs by practising meditation and focus their minds on positive things. The YE program will help them see the bright side of life and withdraw from taking any sedatives and drugs to find momentary peace.

Within a few sessions, the Youth will be able to appreciate their lives and have a positive outlook on everything without having to seek refuge in harmful substances again. Meditation helps in rewiring the brain with increased amounts of natural serotonin and dopamine without relying on drugs.

The individual practising meditation will learn that the answer to all sorrows and miseries lies within, and they can be high on life as opposed to being high on illegal substances. Elevate your soul, body, and mind and start healing with peace reinforced. We will always strive to help you instill positivity through our continuous efforts in Youth Empowerment.